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Hurricane Shutter Guide
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    Hurricane Guide


Purchase or upgrade any insurance policies.
Insurance companies typically will not issue new homeowners coverage in the days or hours before a storm comes ashore. Take the time to check your policy and talk with your agent before a storm threatens, to ensure that you have the proper coverage in place. 
Here are some tips.
Check for Flood Insurance needs
Flood Insurance Program - Get quick quotes and good information
Register NOW with the Special Needs Program (For individuals with specific health and medical conditions.) Get Registration Request Forms from home health care agencies, Hospice, medical supply companies, or Brevard County Emergency Office at (321) 637-6670 (Mon.-Wed.).

Visit Brevard Emergency Management for more information.
Think about moving to S. Dakota  (just kidding)
Document insurable items.  Get that digital camera or that camcorder going and keep records of your home, it's contents and your valuables. Store this in a safe place, preferably with family in other states or safety deposit box.
Document your home inventory     (free home inventory software)
Be aware - get involved - in your community and what they are doing about your safety.
Keep yards trimmed - report branches around electrical wires to FPL
Make any necessary home repairs to structure
Purchase storm shutters (could be about a 4-5 month wait) - buy plywood if needed
Consider purchasing a gas generator (before they are sold out)
Structural Integrity for your home